Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Silent Age App Review!

My favorite App Store game ever created. Again, just like annie Chun's soy ginger ramen, I'm addicted to this too. (Surprised?) it's amazing. Believe me. I'm obsessed with things worth being obsessed about.
This is an adventure game where you play As a janitor in the 1960's. your trying to solve a murder like thing, and it's an adventure game. You have to travel thought time and click on everything to find clues to unlock new passages, etc. super ADDICTING. Even everyone on the AppStore gave it a 5 star rating. I cannot wait one more second for the second part! In fact we should all donate to them so they can finish part 2. They need $25k. They only have a little over $8k so far. Unbelievable.

If I was a millionaire, I'd five them the $25k to start part 2.

In fact I've already beat part 1 and I'm gonna replay it over and over again until they come out with part 2!

Here's a link to their blog if you would like to donate!

Please donate! For the sake of enjoyment, gaming, and endless fun!

Believe me, it's the soy ginger ramen of gams right now. (Besides Shadow Escaper, my other favorite game, check that one out to, also very ADDICTING! Add me as an ally sadieparty)

Thank you so ultra omega much for reading! Subscribe!

(Silent age throw me a few bucks! Lol)

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