Tuesday, March 19, 2013

instant win list!

bic lighters 40th bday
exp. 08/05/13

dermorganic $10 amazon card
exp. 03/31/13

pepsi next game
exp. 04/12/13

lance 100 days to win
exp. 06/18/13

mamba live nation giveaway

ferrara trolli evil twins gummy candy game

national go like a pro game (ages 25+)

diet pepsi love every sip part 3

jurassic park 3d game

jack the giant slayer game

hand of king game

bath and body works game

walgreens irish spring legendary

coke busch born to soar

dove reveal the truth game

HBO GO MAX GO Anywhere Sweepstakes (Facebook)44 prizes   daily entry   exp 04/09/13  comments:detailsHIDDEN VALLEY Ranch Remix Part II Game4,540 prizes   weekly entry   exp 06/30/13  comments:detailsMAXWELL HOUSE Perk Up Game (Facebook)800 prizes   daily entry   exp 04/25/13  comments:detailsACURA New Orleans Jazz Fest VIP Game63 prizes   daily entry   exp 04/01/13  comments:detailsUMBERTO BEVERLY HILLS Instant Win (Facebook)unknown # of prizes   daily entry   exp 03/23/13  comments:detailsKOTEX and WALGREENS In the Know (Facebook)114 prizes   daily entry   exp 03/30/13  comments:detailsCAMEL Spin to Win Instant Win Game (excl. MA, MI)21,000 prizes   daily entry   exp 04/23/13  comments:detailsGRIZZLY Man Rule Daily Poll Game (excl. MA, MI)10,660 prizes   daily entry   exp 05/06/13  comments:detailsSUAVE The Shine Suite Instant Win Game1,214 prizes   daily entry   exp 05/31/13  comments:detailsCOKE and ICEE American Idol Instant Win Game101 prizes   daily entry   exp 04/18/13  comments:detailsCOKE Powerade NCAA Instant Win Game1,199 prizes   5x daily entry   exp 04/08/13  comments:detailsCOKE ZERO Nabisco 2013 Hoops Game321 prizes   5x daily entry   exp 04/10/13  comments:detailsWENDY'S Voice of the Fan Wooden Award (Code Req'd)105,205 prizes   5x daily entry   exp 03/31/13  comments:detailsTONY'S PIZZA Strikes Again Game (Facebook)5,501 prizes   daily entry   exp 03/22/13  comments:detailsREESE'S NCAA March Madness 2013 Game10,501 prizes   daily entry   exp 04/08/13  comments:details
Enter online or text "REESES" to shortcode 44144
IHOP Melt Away, Getaway Sweepstakes (Facebook)8,005 prizes   2x daily entry   exp 04/14/13  comments:detailsBAUSCH & LOMB Ultimate Movie Experience Sweepstakes10,012 prizes   weekly entry   exp 04/28/13  comments:details
Free code:VISION
BIOTRUE Dryness Poll Challenge Instant Win Game51,720 prizes   one entry   exp 05/06/13  comments:details
*Your prize pool will depend upon your answer to their question.
OREO Cookie vs. Creme Instant Win Game25,001 prizes   2x daily entry   exp 03/22/13  comments:detailsJEFFERSON'S Bourbon: Small Batch Match Game365 prizes   4x* daily entry   exp 03/31/13  comments:detailsCAMEL Hump Day (Select Wednesdays Only)(excl. MA, MI)9,150 prizes   monthly entry    exp 12/18/13  comments:detailsEA Citizen-Soldier Game and Sweepstakes41 prizes   daily entry   exp 03/30/13  comments:detailsLIPTON and BRISK Game On (Code Req'd Online)3,739 prizes   5x daily entry   exp 04/30/13  comments:details
Enter WITHOUT code via text message:
LIPTON Prize Pool
: text "dance" to 87963
BRISK Prize Pool
: text "game" to 87963
COCA-COLA American Idol Instant Win Game4,139 prizes   10x daily entry   exp 05/22/13  comments:detailsM&Ms When We Win You Could Win (excl. AK, HI)2,405 prizes   daily entry   exp 11/24/13  comments:detailsPOST-IT and SCOTCH Color Your World Game16,876 prizes   daily entry   exp 06/30/13  comments:detailsQUAKER Keeping You Going Instant Win4,440 prizes   daily entry   exp 04/09/13  comments:details
Get afree code by email.
TUM-E YUMMIES Yummie Race Instant Win Game4,646 prizes   daily entry   exp 01/03/14  comments:details
Free codes:R8S9W5Y2QQ   G6D8K4X9JK    M6F3V4W7XT
SLIM JIM Every Code Wins Game (Code Req'd)180,001,533 prizes   10x daily entry   exp 08/31/13  comments:detailsAUNTIE ANNE'S $25,000 Honey Whole Grain46 prizes   daily entry   exp 03/31/13  comments:detailsEPRIZE Insiders Qtr One 2013 Sweepstakes89 prizes   daily entry   exp 03/31/13  comments:detailsLAND O LAKES Coffee Lovers Game (excl. CO, LA)417 prizes   daily entry   exp 04/07/13  comments:detailsPAW POINTS Secret Word 5 Instant Win Game226 prizes   2x* daily entry   exp 06/30/13  comments:detailsCHEX MIX Snack Stackup Instant Win Game1,088 prizes   daily entry   exp 03/31/13  comments:detailsPOST Pebbles: WWE Instant Win Game (Code Req'd)331 prizes   daily entry   exp 05/31/13  comments:detailsACDelco Garage Instant Win Game and Sweepstakes647 prizes   unlimited entry   exp 12/31/13  comments:detailsBRITA Filter For Good Instant Win Game187 prizes   daily entry   exp 05/01/13  comments:detailsCOKE Recycle & Win: Nashville Game (Select TN Zip Codes)131 prizes   weekly entry   exp 06/02/13  comments:detailsJELLY BELLY Mystery Bean Sweepstakes (Facebook)2,454 prizes   limited daily entries   exp 07/31/13  comments:detailsCHEEZ-IT Real Fan Getaway Instant Win Game101 prizes   one entry   exp 03/31/13  comments:detailsCOOKING Hawaiian Style Instant Win Game1,099 prizes   daily entry   exp 09/30/13  comments:detailsTWIX Exclusive Experience Instant Win Game100,002 prizes   2x daily entry   exp 04/30/13  comments:details
UPC Code:04040509
SUNMAID Movie Tickets Giveaway Game5,000 prizes   daily entry   exp 04/30/13  comments:detailsSANDISK 25th Anniversary Instant Win Game9,133 prizes   limited entries   exp 08/01/13  comments:details
Promo code: 54-53-10249
HOT TAMALES "Hot Slots" Spin & Win Game500 monthly prizes   unlimited entry   ongoing  comments:detailsCHARLOTTE RUSSE "Most Fab Shoe Closet" (Facebook)500+ monthly prizes   weekly entry   ongoing promo  comments:detailsSIX FLAGS "Win Two Tickets" Instant Win Gamedaily winners   daily entry   exp: unknown  comments:detailsROOMMATES "Wall Decals" Instant Win Game1 prize per day   daily entry   exp ongoing  comments:detailsCARL'S JR. "Wheel..." (Facebook) (excl. NY)unknown prizes   limited entries   exp unknown  comments:detailsHARDEE'S "Wheel..." (Facebook) (excl. NY)unknown prizes   limited entries   exp unknown  comments:detailsGREEN MOUNTAIN "Perfect Cup" Sweepstakes757 prizes   daily entry   exp 03/31/13  comments:detailsCOKE REWARDS - Several Instant Win Gamesprizes vary   entry limits vary   exp variesRepeat daily for the best chance to win prizes!

Source: Snazzywin.com (this attribution is required by copyright law.)http://snazzywin.com/instants.html#ixzz2O1rUcVtR



i plan to do an easter giveaway within this week or so, so keep a look out!

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