Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Annie Chun's Soy Ginger Ramen Review!

If there is any food in the whole world I would jump in front of a train for it would be this. .... Maybe not in that dramatic of a succeed sense, but still. I mean it. I don't know about you. But I literally whine about her soy ginger ramen CONSTANTLY! It's my form of heroin or cocaine. Literally. I would eat this stuff until I exploded. I'm a vegetarian, and her stuff is all vegetarian or vegan friendly, so it's perfect for me! Lets me know I keep my cute fluffy animals friends at peace, while tasting the most delicious thing ever. I could review this everyday until I die. .... Yes I can be obsessive, but it's totally worth it to me. I'm usually a fries or potato freak. But this stuff, could totally give me an orgasm better than my fiancé'! With every bite I taste a peace of heaven (or hell for me because I'm a spiritual satanist []) I could definitely eat this for every meal and NEVER get sick of it! Ive only written 2 reviews in my whole life (this and for the Silent Age App game which I will be review blogging soon) and for me, this definitely deserves it. I could go on and on forever about this product.

I only wish it was more available! The ONLY place anywhere around that sells it is Marc's in Lorain, Ohio, and I live in Vermilion.

Yes, I make a special trip just for her soy ginger ramen!
That's the only reason I go there. Everywhere sells annie Chun's but never soy ginger ramen!
I was so upset yesterday I drove all the way out there, and there was NONE! (Because the week before I had bought all of them and they didn't restock).

I honest to Satan said "how will I survive without soy ginger ramen?!"

If only every store sold it. I'm so addicted that when my fiancé gets paid on Friday I'm ordering a 12 pack for $45 (even though at marc's they are only $1.30 each) online because its so hard to find!

There's NO COMPARISON between annie chuns soy ginger ramen, and simply Asia's, or any other brand I've tried. I've taken one bite and thrown away every other brand I've tried. THERE IS NO COMPARISON. It's a one of a kind. That nobody can beat.

Oh, how I love her soy ginger ramen!

Is there a annie Chun's soy ginger ramen rehab anywhere? I might need it. :)

(Annie Chun's if ya wanna throw me a few bucks, millions of packs of soy ginger ramen, or let me advertise on my blog for you that would be amazing!)

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  1. Loved your review!! I just bought some and can't wait to try it. I'm transitioning into being a vegetarian, so I'm stocking up on the good stuff. Unfortunately I discovered this is not vegetarian :( the broth is made with pork and chicken stock. So when I go veg all the way, I gotta give up my soy ginger ramen.