Tuesday, July 29, 2014

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We’re contacting you from bloggabase.com. At bloggabase, we connect brands and marketers with relevant bloggers and vloggers all over the world – whatever you blog or vlog about!


If you’re interested in being contacted by brands and marketers, receiving products and services to review, interview opportunities and more that would be of interest to your readers:


Join thousands of other bloggers - sign up for free within minutes at www.bloggabase.com.


We believe in improving the way brands and marketers find bloggers and do that by asking you to tell us what YOU would like to hear from them about. bloggabase works by allowing brands and marketers to search for bloggers and vloggers using our unique database. From there, they will be in touch if they consider you relevant to their brand/clients based on the information you give to us.


You can even make requests for information through bloggabase, so brands and agencies can respond directly.


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